It’s been long since I posted something here. I hope all is well with us. Today I felt like telling you about me. I believe there are somethings you do not know about this girl here. Let me begin by telling you my name and a little bit about m family.

My name is Ingabire Merab just in case you do not know me or maybe you have forgotten.I am the second of the four children born to two wonderful parents and am the youngest of the girls(this makes me feel young hihi…). I hail from Kisoro district Southwestern Uganda, Africa. I have one big sister-Marion who is sometimes very tough on me and the little boys. I am an elder sister to two handsome brothers Josh and Jerry. Important to not is that I am a born again christian


My siblings and I have been raised by a single mother since 1999 when our beloved father passed on (REST IN PEACE PAPA). My Papa succumbed to some kind of cancer that affected his liver. [Let me spare this chapter for some other day]. My mama has managed to raise us into what we are today because of the Grace of GOD. Thank you Jesus!!

Growing up, I wasn’t a perfect kid. I gave mama a lot of hard time especially after my little brother Joshua was born. I am told I got so sickly and I cried so much, sometimes for no good reason. I think I was seeking for attention…hihii. I wanted mama to give me all the care and attention, I didn’t want the others to put me in their shadows awwwh that was selfish right?

I have grown up to be a strong young woman (No more crying for a lot of nothings). I (we-family) have gone through a lot. I have seen the good and bad days, I have laughed so much and so have I cried. I am a persistent Woman who doesn’t just give-up.  I am a good person most of the time but I can also be something else when you press the wrong buttons (don’t worry this rarely happens hihihi)

I do not like…

Negative people. There are people who always bring out our failures and flaws. They never appreciate us even when we deserve to be appreciated. such people threaten our self-esteem. They tell you your stomach is really huge…awww. These I De-taste!

Suckers. These only come to you only when they need you. when their need is satisfied, they are no more. My friend just cut them off because they really suck. They drain!!

Just a little for today, I guess you now know me more than you did before this blog post.


lots of love









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