When one of my friends got pregnant with her first baby, she craved for roasted chicken at weird hours of the night. Her husband would wake up at 2am to go hunting for the roasted chicken for the baby mama. A lot of women crave for different foods which their husbands have to avail or else there will not be peace in the home. Some women can even crave for soil, dirt, clay and pencils among others. Getting these cravings feels like heaven for them.

Of late, things have changed; women have shifted their cravings from the food to ‘bigger things’. Some pregnant women no longer crave for foods like chicken, liver, ‘mukene’ (tiny dry fish), roasted meat ice-cream etc., they crave for land titles, houses, range rovers.

You know if she doesn’t get what she craves for, hell might break loose. My brother when you get her pregnant, remember to secure a land title and a very

comfortable ride. Ooh! And please also remember to get her the huge house too she might crave for it and you don’t want your baby mama to be sad, right?


As I write this am wondering whether this is the new way of today’s women of accumulating material things that they think they may not easily acquire on their own (just didn’t want to say ‘de-toothing’)

Research shows that cravings are sometimes a sign that the body is lacking some nutrients that may be found in the food craved for. So what does a car, house or land title have to do with those cravings mama? Huh? It’s high time we worked hard and acquired our land titles than mask our materialistic desires in the name of cravings; and if we are not yet in position to acquire them then let’s be content, we shall get them with time after working hard.

While pregnancy cravings are seemingly the unquenchable longings that one may never even dream of eating in a usual routine, the cravings some women have today can be ignored and the pregnancy still thrives.




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