The other day I watched this movie titled Priceless;  It is a movie that is basically about a widower who loses custody of his daughter finds himself unable to hold down a job. He agrees to drive a truck across the country, no questions asked.  Along the way he discovers the trust is carrying girls for human trafficking. He is faced with a life-changing choice. He has to save the girls. Priceless is a great movie with a hard topic to think about, definitely not something we like to think about but something we should be aware of and watch out for. An Inspiring movie that motivates you to stand up for those who are being taken advantage of.

While I was watching this movie, a lot of things were running throughout my mind. I thought of all the women suffering and desperate for a living; those women who think they have a price-tag onto them and they are hopeless enough to sell their bodies to men that do not even have any bit of respect for them.  I then thought of all those men who devalue women , those who treat women as their property. Those who think they can turn women into their business.

It is very sad that there are people in this world that are heartless enough to treat fellow humans in a less human way. How do you even start bargaining on how much one should pay you for some young girl who is helpless? How do you even think about luring your fellow human being into that kind of deal? Don’t you realize you are offering them a free ticket to hell? in fact the hottest corner in Lucifer’s territory! God is watching!

We are so much of value to be treated shamelessly or inhumanely. We are priceless, no amount of money or anything can ever be exchanged for our lives or bodies.

In the midst of such tragedies, there are always those people who always rescue this endangered society full of very many unfairness. there are those who feel the pain for those afflicted by different situations. How I wish we all got convicted to rescue those that are hard pressed like the ‘priceless guy’. Every situation is an opportunity for us to choose good over evil/ bad. Let us standup for those that are being taken advantage of.

Check this movie out. It is amazing!



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