I woke up with a very bad feeling today. I was so moody, I felt like there were many things that I should have accomplished that I haven’t. I felt empty and I wanted to be alone and re-evaluate myself. Something like having a conversation with myself.

Am very sure there are many people out there who feel like me.There are those days when you feel you have done nothing with your life. Those moments when you feel like everything around you is crushing…awww. Those days when you feel like you are too old to be where you are; your ages-mates are having their dream jobs, owning businesses, they are married with beautiful babies and owning their own homes. Sometimes you do not want to even join their company because you feel you are out of their league; you feel left out. ooh this feeling is horrible!

bad day

When such a day or days appear, remember you are not worthless as that feeling suggests.  I sat on my bed and meditated about all I had gone through in the past one month I realized I had done so much for me to feel I had done nothing. I rose on my feet, told myself that I am much more than the negative feeling. I have done many valuable things that one failure should not erase and so have you. Never let those tinny negative voices control you.

Then there are those negative people who make you feel like you are useless and incapable of anything. They keep bringing out what you have failed to do or what they think you can’t do. Just cut them off my dear; you do not need them. They only make you feel bad about yourself. Surround yourself with positive people, those who push you to be better without making you feel bad.

“People who say it can not be done should not interrupt those who are doing it” George Bernard Shaw


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