depressed 3

He walked down from his room to the corridor then he heard someone sniffing. There was this girl who sleeps next door sobbing. she was so pale, she looked so hungry and tired. He took her inside his room, he wanted to help this girl who looked so helpless and exhausted. He didn’t know her so much so he didn’t know where to begin. She said in a faint voice; I didn’t choose this, I didn’t choose to lose my parents that night when the thugs burnt down our house. But why does everyone seem to define me by that…why? Cathy was going through a difficult season, her best friend had told her she was not her mother to foot her bills. she had not paid her rent for two months and the landlord wanted her out. she was confused and falling apart. This ‘best friend’ she always counted on looked at her as a burden all this time; she had never noticed. This discovery shattered her inside, she was the only person Cathy confided in. Cathy is just one of the many people whose situations often define.

We do not choose to be orphans just we do not choose to have all our parents alive. We do not choose where we are born and we also do not choose how we are raised. If we had an opportunity to choose who we are or who we would like to be, then we would all be having perfect lives. we would be living our dream lives.

Since we all do not choose who we are (say by birth), why do we often define our fellows by their situations that they haven”t chosen. why do some people think one will become successful because of their backgrounds? True some people’s success can not be separated from their family/ blood relations but this is not absolute. We all need to work hard for a happy life. we also need to respect people irrespective of who they are.


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