The other day I met this long-time friend and she was telling me how she doesn’t care about family. she says she can live without them apparently she can make her own choices and live by  them. But is this really feasible? huh?

It doesn’t matter whether they are there for us or not, what matters is that we share the same blood and we can never run away from that bond. we can choose to abandon or cut off friends but we can never, never, never cut off the people we share DNA with.

We need them emotionally, physically and financially. so if you think you can cutoff family you are wrong. We need each other in our families.Family is the only place where we throw all our dirt and negativity that no one else can tolerate. It’s the only place that we can wholly be ourselves, a place where we are understood and not judged (sometimes). It is a place where we experience real love; love without strings attached to it; unconditional love.

To all those who think they can cut off family and live independently, sorry it is practically impossible; to those who do not care about those they share the bond of family, those who take it for granted; wake up because you need them. You need your papa,your mama, your sisters, brothers and those relatives too. We belong there.

Love your family, treasure it, be proud of it and embrace each one of them.





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