Hard player turned desperate nuisance


By Eugene Mugisha

You don’t know what you have until you lose it. That’s not a wise saying, it’s simply obvious. And seen in retrospect, you know that all along you knew what you had, but you went ahead and took it for granted anyway.

And now you don’t have it anymore. Like this one girl who suddenly realized that Martin was after all her soul mate right after he decided that she was no longer worth his efforts and moved on.

They hardly dated because at any one instant, Martin was never sure of what he was to her. She just wouldn’t seem to make up her mind, being nice to him for a bit, than treating him like he was a stranger, some persistent irritant that refused to go away.

After a long and protracted attempt to have a meaningful relationship with the girl, Martin finally threw in the towel and moved on to someone else, who incidentally happened to be a girl he had met through this other one.

And it was precisely at this moment that Girl A decided that she was now ready to get serious about the relationship, and wanted to be Martin’s girl more than anything else.

I am sure Martin must have given it serious thought, even probably got tempted to go back to Girl A. After such a long time of trying to care for someone, they become a big part of you that you just can’t walk away from.

And well, there is the issue of closure too. But like the smart guy he is, he knew better than to look back. I mean, people don’t change overnight and become good girlfriends. Or do they?

Anyway, Girl A on realizing that Martin had now diverted the considerable amount of focus and attention he had been giving her 24/7, figured she was losing a good man. And she did not like how that felt, so she went after him hotly in serious pursuit.

But he was not interested any more. Plus, Girl B was not a bad girl herself, she did not have Girl A’s issues, and she was very receptive of his sincere affections. So Martin stayed focused on his new catch.


After some time trying to get back Martin, Girl A figured out that there are indeed several ways of skinning a cat. So she changed tactics, and instead went after Girl B with everything she had. She warned off Girl B, but Girl B stayed firm; she wasn’t doing anything wrong, it was Martin coming after her, and to her knowledge, Martin and Girl A were not married.

Heck, they weren’t in any relationship and had never even been in one. And she rather liked Martin. Realizing the Girl B was not budging, Girl A upped her game and moved to threats.

She told her she would do terrible unspeakable things to her if she didn’t take a hike and ‘leave her man alone’. The threats got worse by the day till Girl B decided this was something she needed to discuss with Martin. It was a brief discussion;
Girl B: Hey Martin, Girl A is threatening me. Is there anything I need to know?
Martin: No, there is nothing more than I have already told you.
Girl B: So she is just a desperate chic?
Martin: Absolutely.
Girl B: So she can go to hell?
Martin: Indeed. Maybe the heat might help unfreeze some of that ice in her heart.
Girl B: So, see you today evening?
Martin: I would love nothing better.

And that was the end of Girl A. She once met Martin and Girl B in restaurant and caused a scene, calling Girl B a man snatcher. And the question was where she was when Girl B was snatching ‘her man’?


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