When Education becomes the ‘key’ to Unemployment; why things need to change.

While growing up, my teachers and parents always told me that education is the only way to escape poverty. We all grew up well acquainted to this reality and no one would risk it.  So we gave our best to education. As much as the benefits have been realized by a big number of people, there are still those few still suffering the painful stings of poverty and lack despite having reached the great heights of education, these perhaps are the majority, the victims of an unfulfilled promise, slaves of the hard reality!

Last weekend I visited one of the salons around town, and there was a very interesting argument going on, about the relevance of education. One of the salon men insisted that education is such a waste of time and that he wouldn’t spend his hard-earned money on his children’s school fees beyond Primary seven. Interesting, right? One of the clients who is a university graduate in agriculture argued that education is still paramount despite the increased unemployment. And just like many other Ugandans, she thinks the government is to blame for the very many jobless youths on the streets. When I listened to the salon man, I realized he was arguing from a frustrated point of view. There are very many graduates on the streets today with no jobs. The few that might be employed are exploited and battling all sorts of unfairness. This is not the life we hoped for! Continue reading